Tuesday, September 15, 2020

When Mold Sampling is Necessary, Contact the Experts at PEL Labs!

mold analysis Ann Arbor

When is mold sampling necessary?

What types of samples are collected?

  • Mold ‘clearance’ sampling is often performed following a known mold growth issue where a professional mold mitigation company has removed the mold growth on building materials and treated the area to ensure mold growth doesn’t return.  
  • General mold investigations are often performed prior to or during real estate transactions to ensure a structure doesn’t have mold growth issues.
  • Individuals who are sick and have been diagnosed with a known allergy or condition associated with mold will often request a professional to investigate a structure for existing or hidden mold growth issues.

Each of the conditions above will trigger different types of sampling, as determined by the professional conducting the mold investigation. Private homeowners can submit their own samples in many cases if they simply want to know the types of mold they see present in their home.  

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